Friday, October 1, 2010

Митя Фомин - Всё будет хорошо / Mitja Fomin

(a full name Dmitry Anatolevich Fomin) – the popular Russian singer. Popularity of Mitja Fomin has received as the participant of collective "Hi-Fi". Songs of Mitja Fomin has started to write and execute at school age. On our site you can download mp3 Mitja Fomin with high speed and without any restrictions.

The beginning of 2010 for Miti Fomina is marked at once by several bright events. First, one year ago the singer has turned from the soloist of group "Hi-Fi" to independent creative unit

In the end of 2008 the permanent soloist of group "Hi-Fi" Mitja Fomin has made decision to leave native collective. Фомин has understood that it is necessary to grow and develop further independently as to it there were all preconditions. Still being the participant of group, Mitja has started to co-operate with several authors, wrote down solo songs. Comprehension of that as the participant of group it has already settled itself(himself), became too obvious. And already in the beginning of this year the repertoire of the singer has replenished with a new single "That's all" which already actively to turn by radio.

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